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ok firstly

I haven’t updated this blog for so long and I still have so many followers! I am a little humbled by this.

Sorry for the lack of anything guys but to be honest I have other blogs ^_^; I created this one before I knew I could add several blogs to one log in so I have this under one email and like 5 under my other log in. I guess I will update this from time to time as I still find great stuff but I dont want you guys to think I

left you high and dry so for more stuff from moi here are my other blogs

my personal blog

and my Cosplay blog - as in my personal cosplay

Thanks again for sticking around guys. I will update some finds while I am logged in as a reward. You guys rock

Sooo a cosplay coming soon is Konata Izumi from Lucky Star.
As I’m about 5.2ft (just) it seems like a good cosplay to do.

This way I now have Miyuki and I will have Konata done from Lucky Star.

Need to work on the wig fringe but I like how this came out so wanted to share.

Will be cosplaying Konata in the winter uniform for Alcon 2012.
Apologies for the crappy quality - when my phone does self-shots quality goes out the window ¬_¬
Feedback pleaseeee!
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